In Dobbiaco you run a lot

Anyone who walks in the wood or on a mountain trail has the possibility to hear the different sounds of the nature. During a quiet walk it happens to see a hasty squirrel, you can hear the noise of a branch that is broken by the weight of a few animals dancing on it, or you can also feel the wind caressing the leaves or listen at the singing of some woodpeckers.

Now to these natural sounds there have been added others: the sound of heavy footsteps of hiking boots, the talk of people and the efforts of those who should not be walking around the woods but who are running.

In fact, during a quiet walk we can observe a lot of people passing behind the threes.

Runners of all types, amateurs and professionals, young and old ones crosses paths, woods and do journeys in a few hours which normally occupies the whole day.

Humans already in the past ran, the race is the basis of almost all sport disciplines. The longest and most important competition in history has given its name to a battle and also to the famous MARATHON. Everyone ran at least once in life, even only to take a tram.

But certainly to run in the mountains is something unique: it is not like running in a town, or in a city park. There aren´t any cars, the city smog or the laughing people. Running in our mountains means to choose a path and to move on in total freedom.

Much runners choose Dobbiaco for the natural environment, the silence and the wonderful nature. A fascinating thing is also that in our town about 20 years ago it has been founded the famous Cortina Dobbiaco run. This year we celebrate his 17th edition.

Born in 1988 on the intuition of Gianni Poli an athlete who wanted to transmit his emotions to all the other people who love running.

The course path is 30km long and connects the places Cortina d’Ampezzo and Dobbiaco, crossing wonderful landscapes in immersed nature. This event attracts more than 6000 fans from all over the world.

We here at the Hotel Union feel every year this running fever and we regularly invite Fulvio Massini, a national trainer, with whom we organize every year two race stages; one in june and a longer one at the first week of August. Run to believe!

©Alberto Comini (Translation Katharina Pöder)
Image Courtesy of: CortinaDobbiacoRunorganization